Author: Greg Boone

  • Year of Desktop Linux part two

    I wrote previously about how, as part of prepping for my sabbatical, I’m converting a Raspberry Pi 4 with 1GB of RAM to use as my primary computer for at least the three months I’m off. If it goes well, I’ll probably continue using it to further separate work and life. I wanted to upgrade […]

  • WordPress at 20

    It’s a little wild that I’ve been using WordPress longer than I’ve been in the (professional) workforce. Something I think about a lot is how impactful WordPress has been on not only my life, but the life of the new web, and how the early decision to empower creators with the four freedoms of the […]

  • Sabbatical prep

    I hit five years with Automattic on January 20th 2023 and with that milestone I became eligible for a special benefit: A sabbatical. It’s a bittersweet timing, a little, because we’re in the middle of an exciting growth opportunity for the public sector, and especially the federal marketplace. Still, I’m extremely excited for June 19th […]

  • A small act of accessibility

    I keep a small office in a building in my neighborhood. It works out nicely that my employer defrays the cost a bit because unlike apparently everybody else with a remote job I can’t seem to get any work done while sharing a small home office with another person and with wild animals pets, and […]

  • Books of 2022

    I didn’t finish quite as many books (for grown ups) this year as I did in 2021. In part, because I read fewer graphic novels, in part because 2022 was more exhausting somehow. Still, I did finish quite a few books, few of them published this year, but all of them worth reading. Here’s the […]