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  • On Twitter and social media stuff

    I was an early adopter of Twitter, I suppose. It was founded in 2006 and I think I created my account in 2007 or 2008. There were only a handful of people I knew with an account and it was a pretty exciting time to be a user. Back then, you could use the website,…

  • Markdown&#58 It’s not for everyone

    Interesting perspective from Tom McFarlin on Markdown as a choice, not a default. He gets at an underlying issue of my struggle to fully adopt a static site blog where Markdown, with HTML as a fallback, is the default mode of entry.

  • Octopress: Six Months Later

    When I was a week into this blog, I wrote down some of the reasons I liked Octopress, my initial impressions of it as a blogging platform and whether it could compete or replace WordPress. It was a leap for me, a WordPress developer and long time fan of the platform. In general I have…