Greg Boone

JSON Resume

A couple years ago my brother turned me on to LaTeX for writing and publishing documents. He’s a math guy and used it for just about everything he did. I’m not sure if he had a working copy of Microsoft Word on his computer, but he definitely had an updated MacTeX. I loved the What You See Is What You Mean philosophy behind TeX and the idea that content was code. I wasn’t a huge fan of how verbose it was both in PDF-generation output and, especially, in the front matter. After writing my first résumé in TeX I thought it was cool how I could write a document style that would show and hide different pieces of it depending on how I output it but, coming from HTML/CSS, everything seemed like it was more difficult than it needed to be. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if there was a way you could keep your résumé data in a standard format, with all the data required to build a full CV or a simple one-pager available when you need it? The JSON Resume project gets that process started. Using a standardized JSON schema, you can generate as complete or simple a resume as you want with a simple
command: resume export. Check it out at and on GitHub: