It’s Not You, It’s Me: Why I Probably Wont Go To Your Happy Hour

We have an unofficial tradition at work (at the DC office) of going for an office-wide happy hour on a new hire’s first day. There is also usually a happy hour when someone from another office is visiting, the monthly Government Tech happy hour, and occasional impromptu happy hours. Depending on conditions, that can be as few as two […]

Be Proud of your Town

A friend from Gustavus was in town this week on a visit sponsored by his graduate program at the University of Minnesota and we had dinner a couple nights ago. I asked him how is week was going, hoping to hear that he had met a bunch of people like my friends: mission-driven people working for organizations that are […]

Why Matters

Last weeek I had the pleasure of helping 18F launch, a public dashboard showing basic data about how many people are visiting government websites at any given moment. While we got a lot of attention for it, being featured on Gizmodo, the Washington Post (twice), and a bunch of other tech and government industry press. More surprising to […]