Greg Boone

Month: March 2014

Flannel: A Python Project

I’m a big fan of learning new things in programming. It’s part of
why I tried running this blog on a static site generator only to get scared back onto WordPress, and why I’ll probably give SSGs another shot before swearing them off completely. I recently had the opportunity to work on a project in Python for work (in addition to a WordPress plugin) and it was an absolute thrill.

The Problem:

My client had a rather large WordPress site that relied on a home cooked theme, a few internally developed plugins, and a few plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository. We also have a process for upgrading those plugins and WordPress core that is a bit more complicated than just hitting the ‘upgrade’ button in wp-admin. We also have a lot of users, not just registered users, but people who visit our website, too, who do not want the site going down, stop working, or unexpectedly changing dramatically. That is, we’re not facebook, we prepare our users for changes to their user experience. We had to maintain all those things but also make the deployment and upgrade process easier, faster, and less prone to human errors.

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