Writing Integration tests in WordPress

Integration testing, like unit testing, is a best practice with the goal of evaluating a piece of software’s ability to interface with the rest of a system. Earlier I elaborated on the distinction between integration and unit testing and I won’t repeat myself here. Instead I’ll briefly expand our definition of integration test and demonstrate how to […]

Using Composer to Manage a WordPress Installation

The team at Roots.io have a fantastic walkthrough of Composer and why and how you should use it in managing a WordPress site. Composer is a wonderful piece of technology that reduces the headache of figuring out how to managing the individual components of your site to a single file and software solution. With WordPress, […]

How can I use PHP Namespaces in WordPress Plugins

PHP has long had a problem of naming collisions. Because older versions of PHP had no way of declaring methods outside the global space, developers came up with several different ways of preventing and checking for namespace collisions, none of which treated the underlying condition. These many and varied solutions begged for a unifying standard […]