Greg Boone

Month: August 2013

How to Maybe Flush WordPress’s Rewrite Rules

Custom post types and taxonomies are one of the most powerful tools to transform WordPress from a blogging platform to a full CMS. One of the most common problems beginning developers have when starting to use them is understanding how they work. It’s easy to think that calling register_post_type is all it takes only to discover that their new post type archives are not working. This likely leads to a long dive into first (hopefully) the code to see if something was written incorrectly and then to the WordPress support forums to figure out what the problem is. 99% percent of the time I wager it’s because the developer forgot to flush WordPress’s rewrite rules.

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How can I do Browser Testing With WordPress

Browser testing is a basic component of a concept called behavior driven development (BDD), and one that has helped me become a better WordPress developer in the last few months. The concept of BDD is simple: test and develop around your software’s expected behavior. I recently wrote about BDD for Excella’s company blog, and this post will go a bit more technical than that. The upshot of behavior testing is you can find problems with both your code and your requirements. Before we get into that, a bit of background on the tools.

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How to Explain Git to Non-Developers

Since starting with Excella in January I’ve found myself explaining git and the underlying concept of version control to a lot of non-developers. People like to ask me what I’m doing at my job, what I’m learning, and git was a big one I had to learn early on. What I usually focus on when explaining git is how it is fundamentally different from revision history tools like those included with Google Documents and other word processors.

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A week into Octopress

About a week ago I successfully migrated some of my posts from to this blog, I also wrote a post about some things I learned about git that week. WordPress is great. I wouldn’t recommend it (and I almost always do) if it weren’t. For someone who wants to spin up a blog and maybe some day more in a pinch, WordPress is the go-to platform. In fact, the rest of still runs it. Earlier this year, though, Danielle and I started talking about ditching the one-blog-for-both solution. When we were both living and teaching abroad sharing one blog made sense but now with the both of us starting different careers, we have different things to say.

We decided to keep as an archive of the last four years and also create new blogs for the both of us. Since I was starting from scratch anyway, might as well strike out with something new.

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